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The power of positive words : learning to believe in yourself

The power of positive words : learning to believe in yourself


Words have the ability to pick somebody up or tear somebody down. We all have the opportunity to think about what we are about to say before we say it. The same mouth that shoots out negative words also has the ability to shoot out positive ones. The choice as to which version will come out our mouths will first start from the inside: from our minds and hearts. Sometimes, mental barriers get in the way of our ambitions. In order to change the mind, we must speak words of power. Phrases like “I can”, “ I will”, and “there is no stopping me” will kick your doubt into the dust. When we identify what the mind is trying to do to us negatively, we are able to take control and take action.  This concept can help us to make our minds stronger and help us to speak words of power not only to ourselves, but to others.

If I came up to you and sincerely said, I believe in you, you'll probably think that I lost my mind. You'll be wary because I don't know you, nor what you've been through, and yet I'm still insisting that I believe in you.  If I was to take it a step further and told you every day that I believe in you, your mind will start to think positively. You will tell yourself, if they believe in me, then I must be doing something positively. You'll start to believe in yourself too.

We are programmed to immediately see negative aspects about ourselves. The negative words that people use to describe us tend to take power over us. We can rein that power back into our hands by using equally effective words. Words like:

NO – I will not believe the negative words that you are saying to me


YES – “I am strong”; “I will prevail”; “I am capable!” “I got this!”

Choose your words wisely and think before speaking. Use those powerful words for good. Speak them loud and speak them proud. Watch the magic happen in your life and those you have the ability to affect. Positive words are effective; positive words are contagious, positive words are powerful!

This is an article by PumpUp member @inspiredone. Find out more about him on his PumpUp page! Did you encourage yourself with positive words today? Let us know in the comments below!