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12 partner workouts you should totally try with your workout buddy

12 partner workouts you should totally try with your workout buddy


Working out is fun with friends. Get in the best shape of your life with your best buddies: multitasking has never been better for you. These partner workouts will make you feel energized and ready to tackle what the day has in store for you.

The best PumpUp partner workouts

It's hip to be square

You'll need a very strong core for this partner ab workout called "the Square". Both partners need to work hard to maintain proper form throughout the movement, or you'll falter. Maintain a ninety degree angle with your body each time you reach the top of the square.

Crunch it out

Partner workouts might seem silly to an outsider, but who cares? Though you might be lying on the floor, that doesn't mean that you're compromising on hard work. Reverse crunches and double leg lifts are both incredibly difficult moves. When you have somebody beside you to keep you accountable, you'll have extra motivation to perform more reps than you would if you were by yourself.

Work your entire body

Think of medicine ball passes as 'advanced catch'. From deadlifts to plank high fives, this partner workout requires tons of inventive teamwork. It does not fool around with your time, nor your muscles. More details

Get creative with equipment

With an awesome gym buddy, you have the opportunity to use equipment in ways that you wouldn't be able to on your own. Battle ropes won't be as intimidating. Resistance bands become running equipment. This 3-move partner workout makes the most out of everything. More details here.

Boost your burpees

The dreaded burpee just got harder. For that, we apologize. Fortunately, you'll be sweaty in an instant, your heart will be pumping, and you'll forget about feeling mad. Approach this burpee partner workout with caution, and make sure that you can maintain proper form with a full push-up and a full burpee before you attempt it. Click here for the full workout.

Adorable abs

Looking for a cute date idea with your significant other? Work out together! This move for your core by PumpUp member rachelxkathleen will really challenge your abdominal muscles, as you'll be fighting against gravity to pull yourself up.

Partner workouts from Instagram

Stair running

No stair stepper required. This amazing stair workout is cardio like you've never seen.

The Kick and Thrust

Target your glutes and hamstrings with a partner!

Push-ups to side planks

A partner will encourage you to extend your body further during your side plank. You'll need to rotate with a full range of motion in order to tap each others' hands.

Fun with medicine balls

You'll work your entire body and have a blast in the meantime. Do each move for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds.

Full body, no-equipment workout moves

Does anybody even get sweaty without a workout partner? Do lunges together and make sure that each person maintains proper form. For a boost of cardio, do forward squat jacks!

Working out with baby

Is your workout partner more miniature than most? Have tons of fun with your baby while working out your core. You can do Russian twists, in and outs, and more!

Get your body pumping with this partner arm workout

Get your body pumping with this partner arm workout


Make your Sweaty Sunday really and earnestly sweaty with this partner arm workout to remember. Your upper extremities will feel like jello sticks, and that's okay. It means that you're working hard. PumpUp members @breezybaby and @kfit22 made a very sweaty arm workout video to help demonstrate the moves.  What are your favourite ways to work your arms? Show us how! Challenge yourself and remember to tag your sweaty selfies on the PumpUp app today!

10 minutes on the stair stepper (warm up)


20 squat to medicine ball passes
Squat to medicine ball passes : a killer move that will target your arms during this partner workout. Find out more on the PumpUp Blog
Begin with the medicine ball and chest level, elbows slightly bent to support the weight of the medicine ball. Drop down into a squat and make sure that your knees don't reach past your toes. When ascending, launch the medicine ball out of your hands (vertically), and let your partner catch it. Repeat.


10 burpees with push-ups
Burpees to push-ups (GIF) - A move that keeps your heart rate up and improves your strength during this partner arm workout. Find out more on the PumpUp Blog
Perform a regular burpee by dropping your hands firmly onto the floor. Lower your body into a push-up, making sure that your shoulders are in line with your wrists. Jump your feet back towards your forearms and promptly launch your body upwards towards the ceiling, with your hands raised. Repeat.


20 high knee runs (each leg, 40 total)
High knee runs. Get your heart pumping with this awesome no-equipment exercise. Find out more on the PumpUp Blog
Run in place while lifting each knee towards your chest. Alternate legs and pump your arms through the motion as quickly as you can.


20 deadlift-row-tricep kickbacks
Dumbell deadlift-row-tricep kickback combos. This move targets different parts of your arm to strengthen your muscles. Find out more on the PumpUp Blog
Hold your dumbbell, lower it towards your feet and keep a flat back when doing so. Push through your legs to lift yourself up, press the dumbbells towards your obliques, bend your elbows a a 90 degree angle, and kick back your arms.


20 bicep curls to shoulder presses
Dumbbell arm gif
Hold the dumbbells so that the handles of the weight are parallel to you. Press your arms to your sides, lower your forearms and raise them. Bring the dumbbells up to your shoulders and press the weights up. Lower your arms and repeat.


Perform this partner arm workout 2-3 times for best results. Have fun and remember to tag your videos on Instagram with #TeamPumpUp so we can see them! Have a great sweaty sunday! Let us know if you performed this partner arm workout in the comments below!


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10 PumpUp puppies who just made National Puppy Day 10x cuter

10 PumpUp puppies who just made National Puppy Day 10x cuter


This is a shameless shoutout to all of the adorable puppies of PumpUp. They serve a more important role than you think. They're your workout buddies. They're your companion in times of need. They're your #MotivationMonday. Basically, your puppies are an extension of you. Go ahead, show off your PumpUp puppies on National Puppy Day. Here are some of the PumpUp community's furry friends:

They'll be there for solidarity



@annamanzo634's puppy is tiny enough to hold with one hand! If you need a cuddle buddy between intervals, your puppy is there for you.

They'll take a hike with you (in a good way of course)



Venturing into the woods with a puppy makes it seem a little less scary. Thankfully @mamihlapinatapai's puppy was there to the rescue!

They'll help pick up your mess



Find yourself leaving hair ties all over the place? Weights? Pieces of rope? @xo_mcg's puppy was there to sniff out the snuff.

They'll urge you to keep going


The last mile or kilometre is always the toughest. If you ever feel like giving up, your puppy is there to urge you on for a few extra steps, just like @kelmanganx's puppy did.

They make great workout selfie buddies



Fitness and workout selfies are...a little bit awkward, to say the least.  Your selfie game is 100% stronger when your puppy is there with you! Take it from @jatie's dog Bentley. This puppy sure knows how to pose for one great picture.

They'll encourage you to eat your greens


Look at those eyes. How do you resist those eyes?! Thank goodness @xolauraxo's dog is there to help encourage healthy snacking habits.

They'll kick you out of hibernation mode


As much as we'd love to curl up in a blanket and watch Netflix on our laptops all day, dogs need to be walked. Even in the winter. @theblondemercedes' puppy was there to coax her into a beautiful winter stroll.

They'll take you on an adventure

Screenshot_2015-02-03-16-40-05 (1)

Puppies can help you to vary your pace more than you normally would if you were running by yourself. They might even encourage you to run faster or take you places where you wouldn't go on a given day. @gaylinnicole has the best companion for her scenic hikes.

They'll even serve as miniature weights


Give life to your resistance training (literally). Puppies make squats a whole lot more fun, just like @lorrin's puppy Willow!

Basically, puppies are the best


Show us your PumpUp puppies on National Puppy Day by tagging your captions with #PumpUpPuppy on the app!


Why support during your fitness journey is more important than you think

Why support during your fitness journey is more important than you think


Ever since I started going to college, I joined the world of fitness and exercise to support my healthy lifestyle. I'll let you in on one little secret: I was terrified of going to the gym by myself. It was a difficult habit to pick up because exercise was completely new for me. Fortunately for me, I had (and still have) a group of friends that I can always rely on to exercise with me. All of us began at the same level: this was important because it provided an additional layer of support and understanding. Although each one of us has different goals, that doesn't come between us. Rather, we encourage and help each other to attain these goals every time we're at the gym.

My fitness journey before college: zero support

Having somebody who supports you when you have a goal is crucial. It can make the difference between you taking the initiative to go to the gym, or deciding to forego exercise.

Before college, I tried and tried to stick to a consistent workout regimen. These attempts all resulted in failure and I didn't know what I was lacking. I thought I was motivated enough but unfortunately, I was wrong. I went running by myself when I had the time, and I even tried to set up a running routine with friends in my hometown, but we ended up giving up not only because of the bad weather, but also because we were at different stages in our fitness journeys. I thought I would never be able to exercise properly, so I felt completely discouraged.

My fitness journey during college: tons of support

Once college began, I found what I was looking for: a cheery group of good friends who eventually became my workout partners. I even persuaded some of them to create PumpUp accounts with me! (@cristononstop and @pau_am2)

We plan to meet in our residence's gym a few days a week and do PumpUp workouts as well as a bit of extra cardio. We have been doing this since September 2014 and we've already noticed palpable changes: not only do we feel happier overall, but we're also more active in general because we keep each other accountable.

I can't stress enough how important good company is when it comes to finding motivation. If you think that you're lacking something in your workout routine but you don't know what it is, you might consider finding a bunch of good friends to do exercise with. They'll support you as you #MarchToYourDream and they'll make you feel ready to pursue a healthier lifestyle with confidence.

This is a post by PumpUp member Sara A. (@bunnies), PumpUp blog contributor. Follow her Tumblr @gurdiel

Yoga for Couples and Friends

This is a post by PumpUp member Marinka Essel. Follow her on PumpUp @rinkae and on Instagram (rinkae_)

Partner yoga for everyone! My friend Sanni (a beginner in yoga) helped me do this yoga video where we show you a cute routine that you can try with your significant other or a friend. It’s a perfect date idea for Valentine’s Day. Throughout the video I offer you beginner tips but also show you how more advanced yogis can flow together.

Yoga x Pilates  for couples and friends (feat. Acroyoga)

My best friend Niko (also a beginner in yoga) helped me do this video. This routine will work your abs and help you relax. Be it your boyfriend, bestie or mother this one should be fun!

Reblog to try this on Sweaty Sunday! PumpUp’s @_gcjr_ and @_victoria_gabrielle train together, and stay together. Their ladder and jump rope exercises are perfect for agility training, and perfect for #MyResolution #Day4: #WorkoutBuddy. Share us your workout buddy photos and videos, be sure to tag #TeamPumpUp and #MyResolution!

Exercising alone: the pros and cons

Guest post by Siya Natseva. Follow Siya on her blog, PumpUp (@cinnamonontop), and Instagram/Tumblr cinnamonontop8.

While the notion that there’s a wrong way to keep fit is foolish and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise, people differ in their approach to exercise. Some are loners, quite content to be active on their own. Others thrive in a collaborative environment (this is not a job application, I swear). Personally, I am a recluse and prefer going it alone! As such, I’ll brief you on its advantages and disadvantages. Will you switch teams, or will you stick with your original choice? Let’s find out!


  • When you choose to exercise alone, you don’t depend on anyone but yourself. With people’s individual schedules in the equation, it may be difficult to arrange a workout session convenient for you and your companion. Going it alone gives you the opportunity to be your own boss. If you fail to plan ahead, you’ll fail at your workout. With no one to point the finger at, you’ll learn to manage your day better. A few failed attempts and you’ll be a pro at handling your chores in a way that allows you to exercise regularly, at a suitable for you time.


(Source: Tumblr)

  • Friends often decide to team up for the completion of their fitness goals, only to discover that their objectives are either incompatible, or their mate’s pace is acutely different. Are you a yogi and is your pal training to be a boxing champion?To avoid disappointment, enquire about your acquaintance’s ambitions and their progress. Alternatively, you can concentrate on you and train at your own pace. You shouldn’t have to slow down or play catch-up. Buddying up shouldn’t be a competition. Without the added stress of ‘Am I too good? / Am I good enough?’, you’ll achieve your projected ends easily.


(Source: Tumblr)

  • Company may be your free ticket to Distraction Land! If you’re a chatter box, and / or so is your partner, your dedicated gym time may turn into a coffee break. In contrast, being alone automatically eliminates the possibility of distractions.  A random chat with a fellow gym junkie is fine and can’t be compared to a full-fledged conversation about a mate’s relationship status on FB. Being aware of how long you can train for pushes you to think wisely about your programme. Thus, you’re effective and efficient.


(Source: giphy)


  • The prospect of pumping iron - or whatever your session may consist of – unaccompanied may, on the one hand, be intimidating. On the other, it probably sounds awfully boring to some. If you’re a person who needs consistent breaks for a high-five and a few encouraging words, you should perhaps steer away from the hermit-like character of working out by yourself. Boredom is the worst thing you could associate exercise with, because you’ll be giving up in no time. Keep it fun!


(Source: Buzzfeed)

  • Have you reached a plateau in your fitness routine? If so, exercising on your own may not be the best option for you either, since you’re facing the risk of quitting. I’m not suggesting fierce competition, but witnessing another’s progress and dedication may inject some much needed inspiration. If you lose your drive, despite having seen results, you may be tempted to throw everything out of the window. With someone next to you, those terrible thoughts will evaporate!



  • Linked to our previous point is the determination to actually improve. We PumpUps are a greedy bunch! With us, there’s always the wish to be better, faster and stronger. Some may handle this well without external assistance, but others may be at a loss. With companion – preferably somebody slightly more advanced – you’re guaranteed to reach higher!


(Source: Wikia)


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My name is Siya. I’m 27 years young, with a passion for a healthy lifestyle, including a love for nutritious food and an active routine. Having struggled with my weight for years, it would be incredibly rewarding to me to support others and inspire them to prioritise their health instead of their appearance. I’m currently working out at home and can relate to those on a tight budget. An aspiring blogger and writer, I’ve recently started a blog where I share simple recipes and exercises, and promote a positive body image. I welcome advice from like-minded fitness enthusiasts, for I believe one can never know enough. Hit me up and let’s ace this!