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We guarantee you'll be sore after this intense partner workout

We guarantee you'll be sore after this intense partner workout


If you feel like you're in a rut, grab a friend and try this intense partner workout. It'll get your heart rate up with no-equipment, full-body exercises that specifically target your abs and arms. This intense partner workout circuit incorporates moves from high-intensity interval training to increase your speed and agility. Burpees with a jump knee tuck

burpee gif intense partner workout pumpup

Do these carefully and make sure you land quite softly on your feet when you perform the jump knee tuck in order to prevent injury. As p90x's Tony Horton would say, think like a cat. Love it or loathe it, the burpee is a go-to, zero-equipment full-body workout. A 155-lb person can burn up to 10 calories per minute by doing burpees. Add in the jump knee tuck, and you'll be expending tons of energy in no time.

Plank to pushup

plank to pushup gif intense partner workout

This is a tricky exercise to do with proper form. When done properly, the plank to pushup is an integral component of this intense partner workout. It'll help to strengthen your core by challenging you to stabilize your muscles while you're moving. Start in a regular plank position, shoulder directly in line with your wrists. Lower your arms one at a time into an elbow plank, then push back up again on each side.

Mountain climbers

mountain climbers gif intense partner workout

Phew! No crunches! Mountain climbers give you a bit of extra cardio, helping you burn fat while strengthening your obliques. Strive to drive each knee towards the opposite shoulderFocusing on achieving this full range of motion will challenge your core even more.


chatarunga gif intense partner workout

Not familiar with yoga? Who cares! Don't be intimidated by this exercise. Also known as the four-limbed staff pose, the chatarunga is a staple move that seriously challenges your upper body and your core. When you're getting into the chatarunga, keep these tips from PopSugar Fitness in mind. Make sure you don't roll your shoulders, keep your arms at a ninety-degree angle when you're in plank position, drive your heels forward (rather than having your toes pointed), have your hands flat on the mat, and look just slightly ahead of you; don't crane your neck up.

Share this workout with a friend so that you can perform this intense partner workout together! Check out more of our workouts here and comment below to let us know what you think!  This exercise circuit was published courtesy of PumpUp members @aichatytgat and @tinytinne, from their fitness Instagram account, @thedoublethreat.