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Inspiring yoga photos from the PumpUp Community on International Yoga Day

Inspiring yoga photos from the PumpUp Community on International Yoga Day


Yoga is a practice that celebrates focus, stability, self-awareness, and strength (among other things). These yoga photos from the PumpUp community will inspire you to try something new.

Wheel Pose

Wheel pose // Inspirational yoga photos from the PumpUp Blog

Photo courtesy of PumpUp member @roxanneidk

Most people employed in office jobs (and even students!) find themselves slouching over a desk or couch for most of the day. Wheel pose is a practical pose, and it's here to help. Root your weight in your shoulders and your arms to make your wheel pose stronger. Ground your feet into the floor and use your legs to lift your torso up higher towards the ceiling. The wheel pose, or chakrasana, helps to correct your posture if you are sedentary for most of the day. It opens up your back and chest and draws deep, intense consciousness to you breath.

Inspiring yoga photos from the PumpUp Community // The PumpUp Blog

Photo courtesy of PumpUp member @hezza_96

For another variation on the wheel pose, keep your forearms grounded on the floor as you perform a backbend. Lift one leg off the ground and raise it straight up and overhead. Keep the other foot raised off the ground, with the balls of your feet planted on the floor. Maintain your balance throughout the entire pose. "Stretching is just my favourite thing to do," said PumpUp member hezza_96. "It relaxes me when I'm stressed. My lower back is getting stronger and more flexible and I'm really proud of how my backbends are improving."

Tree pose

Inspiring yoga photos from the PumpUp Blog

Photo courtesy of PumpUp member emmalienchen

You can look like a certified boss when you do the tree pose. It’s a perfect way to improve single-legged stability while you tackle various chores throughout the day. You’ll engage your core, strengthen your legs, and make yourself a lot less prone to injury. Try doing the tree pose while you’re brushing your teeth, doing the dishes, or waiting in line for the bus. Begin in a standing position, rooting both feet into the ground. Slowly lift one leg up and plant your foot along your inner thigh. Focus your gaze on one point in the room to help maintain balance. Bring your arms straight up over head. For an extra stretch, close your palms together and press them behind your back.


Seated Twists

Inspiring yoga photos from the PumpUp Blog

Photo courtesy of PumpUp member @kabuki

Don't eat away your sorrows. Instead, perform seated twists to wring out your worries and relieve tension in your shoulders. Sit upright with both legs straight out in front of you. Cross one leg over the other, bending your knee so that your foot rests near your inner thigh. Turn your gaze away from the straight leg and either place your hand on the outside of your bended knee, or interlace your hands behind you. Tuck your knee into your elbow as you do so and take deep breaths.


Lord of the Dance Pose (Needle)

Inspiring Yoga photos from the PumpUp community
Photo courtesy of PumpUp member @veganballerina
This pose is as beautiful as it is beneficial for your body. Not only will you improve your stability, but you'll also strengthen your legs, ankles, thighs, shoulders, and your chest.  Ground your feet firmly into the floor and make sure that you open your hips with a few other preparatory poses before you attempt this. Lift one leg off the ground and grasp your foot with your hand, bringing it as far towards your head as you can. Bend your upper body towards your legs for a deeper chest and shoulder stretch.


Forearm handstand

Inspiring yoga photos from the PumpUp Community // The PumpUp Blog
Photo courtesy of PumpUp member @emschaeffer
The forearm handstand is quite a feat to achieve without the wall. Practice with a partner to become comfortable with this challenging pose. It will test the limits of your upper body strength, stability, and more. Inversions are a great way to relieve headaches and improve your focus. The key is to plant your forearms firmly towards the ground. Face a wall and practice touching your feet up and overhead. Become comfortable with holding this pose for a few seconds, then try for longer.


Lotus pose

Inspiring yoga photos from the PumpUp Community // PumpUp Blog

Photo courtesy of PumpUp member rinkae

The lotus pose is perfect for long periods of seated meditation. You'll improve your concentration as you gently close your eyes, crossing your legs and keeping your back straight. Focus your attention on your breath. Clear your thoughts and be mindful of the present. If you need to clear your mind after a long and busy day, the lotus pose is for you. For a more advanced variation, bring your crossed legs up towards your chest and wrap your elbows underneath your feet. Bring the legs tighter towards your chest to deepen the stretch.


Wide side lunge

Inspiring yoga photos from the PumpUp Community // The PumpUp Blog
Photo courtesy of PumpUp member @vidy
Tight hips are a common problem for runners. Open them up with a deep, standing side lunge. Begin in a wide legged stance and plant your feet firmly on the floor. Point one foot towards the side and shift your weight towards the other foot into a deep lunge, keeping your body upright. Bring your hands to the ground and fold your body forward for a deeper stretch. This lunge is perfect for building up to more advanced poses.


Reverse warrior pose

Inspiring yoga photos from the PumpUp Community // The PumpUp Blog
Photo courtesy of PumpUp member @ramo568
Reach for the stars with the reverse warrior pose and you'll get a great stretch in your obliques and hips. Have one leg form a ninety degree angle with the floor and reach the other foot back, keeping it as straight as possible. Reach both arms straight out towards the side and hold the pose for a few breaths. Next, inhale and reach one arm up towards the ceiling, extending the other arm down towards the floor. Look up towards the ceiling and sink your hips, grounding your weight through your feet. Hold for a few breaths.


Inspiring yoga photos from the PumpUp Community // PumpUp Blog
Photo courtesy of PumpUp member @issa_
Loved these inspiring yoga photos from the PumpUp community on the first-ever International Day of Yoga? There are more to be discovered! Tag your yoga photos with #TeamPumpUp on the PumpUp app and Instagram so that we can see and share them! 

Yoga for Couples and Friends

This is a post by PumpUp member Marinka Essel. Follow her on PumpUp @rinkae and on Instagram (rinkae_)

Partner yoga for everyone! My friend Sanni (a beginner in yoga) helped me do this yoga video where we show you a cute routine that you can try with your significant other or a friend. It’s a perfect date idea for Valentine’s Day. Throughout the video I offer you beginner tips but also show you how more advanced yogis can flow together.

Yoga x Pilates  for couples and friends (feat. Acroyoga)

My best friend Niko (also a beginner in yoga) helped me do this video. This routine will work your abs and help you relax. Be it your boyfriend, bestie or mother this one should be fun!


10 yoga poses worth learning more about

In the words of the late Vincent Van Gogh, “The best way to know life is to love many things.” This is why we loved all of your yoga poses on the pumpupapp. Check out our photo diary chronicling some of our favourite photos down below.

Bow Pose

@iyarbo’s bow pose wins our #MyResolution prize from our yoga pose challenge! The bow pose helps to elongate the front of your body. Not only does this position strengthen your back muscles, it helps to circulate blood and oxygen to your core.

Dancer’s Pose

@latasia_lovely and @gillianmicah’s pose symbolizes cosmic energy. It’s a fun pose that allows the practitioner to make their balance and focus more acute by focusing on one leg at a time. It stretches the thighs and shoulders and opens up the chest and lungs. Yoga has been crucial for @gillianmicah’s recovery from an eating disorder: "It helps relieve stress and calm your body down. I would highly suggest it regularly."


pameladiazfc's forearm stand and elivkaa's handstand are both excellent examples of yoga inversions. Practicing yoga encourages us to “shake it off”, if you will: to break from habit or routine. Inversions are yoga's way of dramatically increasing blood and oxygen flow to our upper extremities. This reportedly accentuates mental concentration, cognitive functioning, and memory. If you’re stressed out over exams, assignments, or particularly a heavy workload, take a gander at inversions. 

Partner Poses

@minimimi26’s resolution for the year is to incorporate yoga into her fitness routine. She only just began to practice this year! Having a workout buddy helps to keep her accountable. Similarly, @beckydirsch has been using the benefits of partner yoga to help perfect her inversions and balance.

Side Angle Pose

@ramo5678’s side angle pose is perfect if you are sedentary for most of the day (office chair and library desk-dwellers, we’re talking to you). This pose will open up your chest, lungs, spine, and shoulders while strengthening your lower half. It will help to prepare your stabilizing muscles to perform more advanced poses.

Crow pose

@linds_3’s crow pose is something of a feat. She’s been working on it for awhile and gleefully shared the progress that she made since August 2014. "I could barely get my toes off the floor in the summer, but now I can hold it for a second and my technique is much better!," she exclaimed. "I can see strength in my arms and shoulders. I had no idea I had improved on this pose so much! That is why it is so important to keep track of your progress."

Lotus Pose

@bangerz10’s meditative position helps to calm the mind. Do this if you need a break! It’s a perfect pose for reflection. You’ll be able to align your intentions with your actions the more you meditate.

Check out our full #MyResolution photo challenge here

21-Day Yoga Challenge Week 3: Learn the splits and more!

Day 13: Upper back 

This routine will give you some relief on your upper back problems and help the movement of your shoulder blades and also calming your mind.
Give some love to your inner organs by massaging them with these yoga poses included in this Detox Flow!
How to eventually do a split! What moves to do on daily basis to make it into a split? In this sequence we will go through some key stretches and you will receive tips along the way.
Day 16: Balancing poses 

Let’s go through some balancing poses and see if we can stay in them! Remember that balance is a state of mind and a great core workout.

Day 17: Yoga for Anxiety and Depression 
Yoga relieves anxiety and depression overall pretty well but there is some main poses that actually activate our brains and body and breathing that help us feel a lot better and that’s what we are focusing on this video. If you had to only do a one video from this challenge, this would be it.

This routine will help you relax and clear your mind. Especially good right before bed yoga because this one will help you fall asleep better.

21-Day Yoga Challenge - Week 2

Follow Marinka’s 21-day yoga challenge on PumpUp @rinkae using the hashtag #21DayYogaChallenge. Find the full calendar here.

On day 7 we are learning Sun Salutation B! Let’s begin with two rounds of Sun Salutation A and then move on to B and that’s already a great enough yoga flow to do when ever basically.

Core workout that also targets your butt and get’s you closer to looking better in those yoga pants! Might even help you eliminate that cellulite if you stick to this routine!
The best Crow Pose tutorial video online. We are going through a flow that prepares you to jump into the pose and also the key points of getting into the pose which are 
1. Core strength 
2. Strong wrists and the foundation you make with your hands 
3. Losing the fear of tilting forward.
Day 10: Backbends 
In this video we are opening our chests and doing some backbends to get the energy flowing! Remember to drink water after this one!
Day 11: Stronger Legs
Get stronger legs with this sequence that requires your mind to focus on holding the poses. Fast routine to do that also includes good stretches for your legs.

Day 12: Yin Yoga 2 
Another Yin Yoga set squeezed into 10minutes to help you focus on stillness and the moment.

Follow Marinka’s 21-day yoga challenge on PumpUp @rinkae using the hashtag #21DayYogaChallenge. Find the full calendar here.

Let’s begin the 21 Day Yoga Challenge with a Sun Salutation A. It is a great way to warm up your body and get your day going. During this challenge you will learn the habit of doing yoga everyday and you have no excuse not to fit some yoga into your day as these only last for 10 minutes or less!

Pilates themed workout focusing on our abs and the core which is essential when you start working towards more challenging poses.

Since we sit so much during the day the lower back can really start hurting due that. In this sequence we will relieve the tensions out of the lower back. However, be careful with your lower back, when done incorrectly simple poses like forward fold might actually hurt you. Always try to keep a straight spine and don’t round it unless necessary.

Deep stretching with this relaxing Yin Yoga sequence fit into 10 minutes. Feel more at ease after completing this yoga routine! Usually a Yin yoga sequence lasts up until 90 minutes but let’s see how much we can do in 10mins!

Yoga might not be your first choice for arm muscle sculpting but it actually does help you get toned and strong arms, so let’s do some poses to help you achieve that!

A relaxing yoga routine that will also help you cure your hangover and make your inner organs feel better after a night out.


Ready for a 21-Day Yoga Challenge?

We’re excited to be partners with PumpUp member @rinkae during her 21-day yoga challenge! Starting December 1st, every day except Sunday, she will be uploading videos on her YouTube channel: PumpUp will be featuring recap videos on our Instagram account @pumpupapp on Sundays!

Update your PumpUp accounts if you participate in the challenge! Tag @rinkae, #PumpUp and #21DayYogaChallenge.

This is a post by PumpUp member Marinka Essel. Follow her on PumpUp @rinkae and on Instagram (rinkae_)

Many people assume that only weight-lifting and active gym visits are the only way to get toned legs, quads and calves or even a nice butt. The secret? Only a few know that yoga has all these benefits as well.
In this routine we are targeting the lower body with poses that will make you feel sore. Yes, yoga can make you sore, too. It’s not all about  deep-stretches on desired areas. Yoga incorporates muscle and strength building exercises too. And who wouldn’t want to look great in yoga pants? Thought so.
There are a lot of poses that require durability. For example, when you are working on your abdominals, you would be doing planks. But when you are working on that yoga butt you might want to sit down into an utkatasana (chair pose) for a minute. And you will feel it.
Yoga offers quite a few poses that require good balance, and this really works several key muscle groups. Your legs need to have a lot of strength to keep you stable.  The more you practice balancing poses like Warrior 3 and Half-Moon Pose, the more you work your muscles. You’ll feel it all the way from your calves, hamstrings to your glutes.
Balance, durability  a few squats here and there, and the proper breathing when you transition from downward dog to lunges are the first of many ways to have your butt looking better!

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For a shot at #PumpUpSwag this week, all you have to do is post and tag a pic of you doing your favorite exercise move or activity with #PumpUpSwag, and ‘like’ this photo on our Facebook page! (Search PumpUp Fitness). You have till Monday! Photo credit: the wonderfully talented @brookekatott

5-Minute Morning Yoga: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

This is a post by PumpUp member Marinka Essel. Follow her on PumpUp @rinkae and on Instagram (rinkae_)

Getting inspired to workout during the morning time might be a bit challenging at first. But once you start doing it you just might get addicted. A trick to do it could be in indulging just five minutes of stretching and blood flow boosting yoga moves in to your morning routine.
Imagine yourself. You get out of bed, start your coffee maker and plan to take a shower or whatever it is that you usually do. Postponing all of that with five minutes can’t be that bad. And with postponing I don’t mean to hit the snooze button two more times but actually get up and do yoga the first thing in the morning.
When you start with just five minutes and get that as your routine you will start craving for more and you could turn into a “morning-workout” -person because all of a sudden you started feeling better and seeing the morning workout as a priority rather than a chore.
Your morning workout sessions will become longer during the sunrise when you actually have time and during the mornings when you really have to rush out of the door you are going to prioritize the need of an exercise and involve anything from two minutes to five minutes to those days you are running late, after all you are already running late but you could make your body feel better while doing so.
This 5-minute yoga routine is a solution for those who need to hurry in the mornings and also a way to trick yourself becoming a workout person. In this routine you will open up your spine and hips from the sleeping mode and get your blood flowing.

Intermediate 5-minute Morning Yoga

Advanced 5-minute Morning Yoga

Follow Marinka on PumpUp @rinkae and on Instagram @rinkae_. Check out her blog and YouTube channel.

Yoga for your Abs

This is a post by PumpUp member Marinka Essel. Follow her on PumpUp @rinkae and on Instagram (rinkae_)

Yoga calms your mind and body, but it can also serve as a cardio exercise that will make you sweat! Don’t believe me? You will feel a lot better and relaxed after yoga due to its constant focus on your breath. 

In this routine you will be actually performing a continuous flow of moves instead of a single pose after pose. You will build up sweat while targeting your abdominals when moving in this ashtanga yoga-inspired flow, which also has weight loss benefits. Ashtanga requires more strength and the routine is more fast paced than a hatha yoga class for example.

The correct breathing technique makes yoga become a focused flow of different movements. With  every inhale and exhale you do something else, unless you are required to stay in a pose for certain amount of breaths. Connecting your breathing into the movements will make your practice easier.

Using the relaxing benefits of yoga and mixing it up with poses that target your core, you end up having a nice cardio flow. 

Follow Marinka on PumpUp @rinkae and on Instagram @rinkae_. Check out her blog and YouTube channel.


Back bends stretch your muscles in a major way. They’ll help remove fat build-up in your obliques and increase the elasticity and flexibility of your spine. You’ll also feel more energized, physically and mentally! Happy #ThrowBACKThursday! Photo cred: @eesratan!