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Many people assume that only weight-lifting and active gym visits are the only way to get toned legs, quads and calves or even a nice butt. The secret? Only a few know that yoga has all these benefits as well.
In this routine we are targeting the lower body with poses that will make you feel sore. Yes, yoga can make you sore, too. It’s not all about  deep-stretches on desired areas. Yoga incorporates muscle and strength building exercises too. And who wouldn’t want to look great in yoga pants? Thought so.
There are a lot of poses that require durability. For example, when you are working on your abdominals, you would be doing planks. But when you are working on that yoga butt you might want to sit down into an utkatasana (chair pose) for a minute. And you will feel it.
Yoga offers quite a few poses that require good balance, and this really works several key muscle groups. Your legs need to have a lot of strength to keep you stable.  The more you practice balancing poses like Warrior 3 and Half-Moon Pose, the more you work your muscles. You’ll feel it all the way from your calves, hamstrings to your glutes.
Balance, durability  a few squats here and there, and the proper breathing when you transition from downward dog to lunges are the first of many ways to have your butt looking better!

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Happy #FlexFriday! Here’s a #funfact: Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself when you are standing still. Thank you @olyafitness for the amazing photo! #TeamPumpUp